Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

I know you've missed me.  I know the 16 of you who actually read my blog have been waiting with anticipation for my next entry.  I will make you wait no longer....

Get ready to read the most boring post ever. ;)

We are on the countdown to summer here in the Mallery home.  We are at 2 and 1/2 weeks and I. can't. wait.  I'm ready for a summer filled with sun, fun, and lots of traveling!  It seems as the school year winds down, things really start to wind up for us.  We have been on the go a lot and enjoying every  minute of it!  So...here are the pictures to document all of our important (and not so important) events!

Guess who started playing hockey too? Jesus take the wheel!  Bring on the dental and E.R. bills! ;) (and yes...I made him let me take his picture and post it on here...what a sport!)

This is his "baseball ready"...ha!

Proudly displaying his city- scape at the Claxton Art Show!  So proud of him!

Honestly, this is better than anything I could do today!

Still playing (and loving) hockey!  We love it too!

Rachel had these napkins at our Cinco De Mayo party...I thought they were so appropriate! ;)

Rach and Delaney!

Daddy and Noah having some backyard fun.

1st grade teachers always look for a reason to party!  Cinco de Mayo was a great excuse!

Funny t-shirts of the night: "Yearbook.com-Greg Minardo".  Evidently, he looks like an ostrich when he runs..ha!

2nd funny t-shirt of the night...I'll let you read that one.

Noah decided to use the doggie door as his entrance/exit!

My sweet friend, Beth, with her baby girl.

Noah and Molly...snuggle buddies!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (or National Margarita Day)

Noah and his hockey buddy, Jaden.  Both are huge Shark fans!

Noah with his baseball team at the UT baseball game!

The UT team.  Side Note: I love men in baseball uniforms.  There is something so "old school" about them...I think they are just classic!

Noah and his team getting ready to run the field with the players.

Somebody was in the neighborhood and had to make a pit stop!  I love me some Delaney Jane!

And finally...my favorite picture of the bunch.  One of our 1st graders wrote a story about "HORSES"...except she forgot that extra "s" and the whole story is about "HORES".  The last page sums it up perfetly.

"Last, put all the HORES in the rodeo"

Let's just say we all laughed until we cried on the 1st grade hallway.  I can't think of a better place to put all of them either!  Well done, anonymous 1st grader, well done!

Keep Walking...and Laughing Hysterically.....

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