Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Sunday, August 19, 2012

32 is "Magic"

I was told this year by a friend that 32 was the "Magic" year.  I got really excited until I realized he was talking about Magic Johnson.  See...he equates every age with an athletes number and 32 just so happened to be Magic's number (I learned something new there).

To be honest, I have really struggled with this birthday.  I am usually thrilled to have a birthday and celebrate the entire month!  For some reason, 32 has thrown me for a loop.  I think I can finally start to tell a difference physically, emotionally, and mentally in myself.  I see my face looking different (not a bad different..just different), my body not fitting into those cute young clothes quite like it used to, and my eye sight slowly getting worse...darn Direct TV channel guide...ha!

Don't get me wrong.  I love my life.  I love what I've helped build, worked for, and I love the prospects of my future.  I also love my 30's.  I feel so much more grounded than I did in my 20's.  I know so much more about myself (as cheezy as that sounds) and am able to relax a little more in the knowledge that I am comfortable being me.  Why does it take so long to discover who you really are?  I guess maybe at some point you just run out of the energy it takes to try to be someone you aren't. :)

My birthday weekend started a week early because one of my work besties was going to be out of town on my birthday so we had to celebrate early!  It was a great back to school/Amanda's birthday bash with some of my absolute favorite girls.  I am blessed to be starting another work year with all of them with an extra special blessing of Kate.  Kate's worked at Claxton for a while, but now she is on our team!  Our RockStar status just went through the roof! :)

Happy 23rd!!!  I did switch the candles because this was way more appealing!  However, I don't know that I'd go back to 23...my 20's were stressful!

The day before my birthday, we ordered lunch at school from Firehouse.  Did you know you get a FREE sub at Firehouse on your birthday?  Well, you do now!  That week, I had caught the girls off guard a few times and blown my "teacher whistle" to startle them.  Well, on Friday, they got me back.  When I opened the door to lunch, they all blew their whistles at me and startled me..ha!  Rachel always says payback is tough! ;)

Rocking the pink party hats!  We bust these out for ALL the birthdays!

The day of my actual birthday (the 18th), a few of us went to dinner at the new Mexican place, Chuy's.  We were anticipating a long wait...I mean...when Cheddar's first opened here you couldn't get a seat there in under 2 hours!  Cheddar's, people!!!  I mean..it's good...but not THAT good!

We waited almost 2 hours at Chuy's, but the atmosphere is nice to wait in.  We sat out on the patio, drank some margaritas, and had chips and salsa from their self serve bar.  It actually didn't feel like "waiting" at all.  I had to sing "Happy Birthday" to myself with the waiter because he couldn't sing.  Hey-you gotta do what you gotta do!

We missed you at dinner Jennifer, Beth, and Kate!

Sweet James offered to take care of all of us girls on my birthday!

Matt won big time husband points for taking Noah home after dinner and letting me continue celebrating with the girls!  So sweet of him!

After dinner, we headed downtown to meet Kate because her husband is the drummer in a band that was playing at Barley's.  The name of their band is Hot Shot Freight Train and they are great!  We just enjoyed a girls night listening to music and having some down time after a LONG first full week teaching at school.  Teachers need to have FUN on the weekends!

Rachel, Emily, Kate, and I having some girl time!

Kate's husband Caleb is the drummer for the band and he gave me a birthday shout out from the stage!  We love you, Caleb! :)  And yes...I'm rocking some pink 80's glasses because I'm an 80's child at heart...woo hoo!

Today, I had a great birthday lunch with my dear sweet Melody.  All of my friends, though different from each other, play a huge role in my life.  They each have a special place in my heart and I know they are in my life for a special purpose.  Love you, Mel!

Side Note: I think her daughter, K, looks like Malibu Barbie.  Or Skipper. ;)  And of course my son can never make a normal face.

As I was thinking of my past birthdays, there are some I remember so clearly.  My blue cookie monster cake birthday, a birthday on my mom's bed surrounded by balloons, my Minnie Mouse birthday when I was honestly a little too old for Minnie Mouse, and my 16th birthday party that was full o' drama..ha! 

Even though I love my home in TN and I love my friends more than anything, there are times when there is nothing more I want for my birthday than to just be home.  I love this song from one of my favorite movies, 'Country Strong', because it reminds me of...well...home. :)

Keep Celebrating....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Ramblings

Just a little random post to remind myself how we spent our last few weeks of freedom!

Enjoy looking at the pictures without having to read the monologue from me. :)

*One of my favorite Girls Night Out was at the Melting Pot.  I love the Melting Pot, but does anyone else SWEAT PROFUSELY at this place?  I just had to show you how "steamy" it gets in there!  I spent hours (not really) straightening my hair for no reason at all...it started curling up after 5 minutes of our steam bath.  Next time we go, I'm wearing my bathing suit. ;)

Can't wait to meet you, Eva Kate!!!

 *We spent countless hours swimming and sunning this summer.  It's our favorite way to spend those long summer days.
I took this picture of our friend, K, and was speechless when I looked at it.  She totally looks like Peter walking on the water! :)  Hallelujah.

I think this picture sums up Noah and K's relationship perfectly...or any guy/girl relationship!  She looks thrilled to be listening to him..ha!

Melody and I discovered that when swimming, my son has an uncanny resemblance to Eddie Munster or an Italian mob boss.  Ha!

 *When it was time to go back to work, everyone was kind of depressed.  So I found these fun mustaches at Old Navy and brought them for a good laugh.  It is so incredibly hard for me not to smile in pictures.  I think we all laughed uncontrollably the second after it flashed. :)
And Baby Minardo has a mustache on too! :)

*We enjoyed lots of company this summer.  I enjoy making dinner in the summer for friends because I have time to ruin food...cook.

Our new wine/glass holder from New York.  I love it!

*We have been looking forward to Noah's first day of Kindergarten all summer!  He is so ready for school and I can't wait to see how smart he really is. :)
Daily ritual of combing "the hair"

Could he be any cuter?  I think not.

Lola was just wondering when we would leave so she could go back to sleep.

Love this boy and the fact that we both have sleepy eyes and smiles together.

So special that Nana and Paw-Paw got to take Noah to Kindergarten.

Noah's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Smith.  God Bless Her Sweet Heart!

*And one last picture to "keep it real"....I have learned to "let it go" a little more this summer.  It's not important to always have a clean house.  It is important to always have a little fun. :)

 Keep Walking Friends....