Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Ramblings

Just a little random post to remind myself how we spent our last few weeks of freedom!

Enjoy looking at the pictures without having to read the monologue from me. :)

*One of my favorite Girls Night Out was at the Melting Pot.  I love the Melting Pot, but does anyone else SWEAT PROFUSELY at this place?  I just had to show you how "steamy" it gets in there!  I spent hours (not really) straightening my hair for no reason at all...it started curling up after 5 minutes of our steam bath.  Next time we go, I'm wearing my bathing suit. ;)

Can't wait to meet you, Eva Kate!!!

 *We spent countless hours swimming and sunning this summer.  It's our favorite way to spend those long summer days.
I took this picture of our friend, K, and was speechless when I looked at it.  She totally looks like Peter walking on the water! :)  Hallelujah.

I think this picture sums up Noah and K's relationship perfectly...or any guy/girl relationship!  She looks thrilled to be listening to him..ha!

Melody and I discovered that when swimming, my son has an uncanny resemblance to Eddie Munster or an Italian mob boss.  Ha!

 *When it was time to go back to work, everyone was kind of depressed.  So I found these fun mustaches at Old Navy and brought them for a good laugh.  It is so incredibly hard for me not to smile in pictures.  I think we all laughed uncontrollably the second after it flashed. :)
And Baby Minardo has a mustache on too! :)

*We enjoyed lots of company this summer.  I enjoy making dinner in the summer for friends because I have time to ruin food...cook.

Our new wine/glass holder from New York.  I love it!

*We have been looking forward to Noah's first day of Kindergarten all summer!  He is so ready for school and I can't wait to see how smart he really is. :)
Daily ritual of combing "the hair"

Could he be any cuter?  I think not.

Lola was just wondering when we would leave so she could go back to sleep.

Love this boy and the fact that we both have sleepy eyes and smiles together.

So special that Nana and Paw-Paw got to take Noah to Kindergarten.

Noah's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Smith.  God Bless Her Sweet Heart!

*And one last picture to "keep it real"....I have learned to "let it go" a little more this summer.  It's not important to always have a clean house.  It is important to always have a little fun. :)

 Keep Walking Friends....

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