Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I told my friend, Travis, the other day that summer was definitely the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  He agreed...with the exception of football season....die hard Vol fans up here, remember? ;) 

I. Love. Summer.

Yes, I know I'm off work and that plays a major role, but I also just love the things that summer brings.  For most of us, it brings vacation, cookouts, late night firefly catching, me botching up homemade ice cream and my favorite thing...lying by the pool/lake on HOT summer days.  I love it!

So...before we venture on our vacation tomorrow morning, I just wanted to blog one time about all the fun I am already having this summer.

One. slight. problem.

I have currently *misplaced* my little $500 camera with all my pictures on it.  Now, most of you would be stressing and panicking by this point, but please understand this is so typical of me.  I place things in "very logical places" and find them 5 months later and think "why the heck did I put this here?"  This is genetic....my father does the same darn thing....so is it really my fault?  I think not. ;)

My current punishment is that I have to carry our extra large Nikon on our vacation.  Every time I strap that albatross around my neck, I'll be wondering where my little cute camera is that has fabulous start of summer pictures on it! :(

So...all I can leave you with are my pictures from my latest pool day with my favorite co-workers....

Beth and our sweet Delaney Jane...1st pool day for her! :)

Some of my favorite girls

Thanks, Mr. Yates, for the Sonic drinks and picture taking!
One of my favorite candids...these girls bring me so much JOY!  *And we laugh this hard/often at work too. ;)

Well, my husband is gently "reminding" me that I need to finish packing for vacation.

I hope the start to your summer has been fantastic and only continues to get more fun!

ALOHA ;)  Hawaii....here I come!

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