Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Friday, November 9, 2012

Honest Confession Friday

Honest Confession #1: I am a total blog drop out.  I admit it.

So I have just been incredibly busy these past few months.  I've managed to keep up my Facebook page pretty well and post the important stuff and pictures, but my blog has really suffered.  However, I must say, if something in my life has to give...this is going to be it.  I'd rather be a blog dropout than have no social life..ha!

I thought it would be fun and interesting to do a little Honest Confessional Friday.  I have a lot on my mind and it feels good for me to write (type) it out.  It's my own personal relief and I feel it is long overdue for everyone to hear my skeletons again...I gave you so much in 2011 so I can't let you down in 2012! :)

HC #2: I am disappointed in the election results.  I mean..I'm not really into politics.  Listening to people just BS non-stop drives me crazy.  I work in education...I hear all the things both parties will "do for education" and yet.....well you get the point.

HC#3: I don't hate people who voted for Obama and I don't hate Democrats.  I have differing views, but that's what makes us Americans.  Do I believe people should work if they can?  Yes.  Do I believe we should get free handouts?  No.  Do I believe that everyone is really trying to provide for their families and just need a little assistance?  No.  When parents drop off and pick up their kids from school in pajamas, I don't believe they are trying.  Just my opionion.  It's my blog...I can say it. ;)

HC#4: I don't usually try to pretend that the things I like are what others should like BUT...Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee coffee with Almond Joy creamer is THE YUMMIEST.  Try it!

HC#5: I am getting excited about the holidays.  This year, we are not buying Christmas presents for ourselves (except for Santa gifts for Noah) and are instead choosing some families to buy for.  I've always known it's better to give than receive, but let's be honest...I LOVE PRESENTS!!  However, I think I am actually more excited this year to shop for other people.  We have SO MUCH and literally are in need of nothing.  Why not provide Christmas for those who are struggling this year?  Noah is not thrilled about the idea (yet)...he sees a new toy and says "Well..I guess we are going to get that for some other kid"...ha!  I think he'll grow into it (maybe). :)

HC#6: I am getting stressed about Christmas card pictures.  Do you have those friends who send their Christmas cards out and you get them on December 1st?  Yep...that's usually my reminder to actually get some!  Trying to be ahead this year, but I'm already behind.  Story of my life.

HC#7: I am obsessed with the song "Heart Attack" by Trey Songz.  I do that.  I latch onto songs for periods of time and listen to them incessantly.  Last month it was Taylor Swift's "Begin Again" and before that was the entire "Country Strong" album.  Songs speak to me.  I do feel like a 13 year old though listening to 1 song over and over.

HC#8: School has been RIDICULOUS lately!  I have worked more 12-13 hour days these past few months than I ever have before.  I am so thankful for my friends at work.  If I didn't love my co-workers, I would have been in a big ball of tears a long time ago.

HC#9: I cannot believe my baby boy will be 6 in December!  We are pretty sure he will be our only one (unless God plays a fun trick on us) so it's just unbelievable to me that he has grown so fast.  I get these glimpses of him when he was a baby, toddler, etc. and then I look at him now and it just blows me away.  Watching him sing "God Bless the USA" at school today literally brought me to tears.  His innocence and heart for other people is exactly what I prayed for in a child....his independence/stubborness...not so much...but it will be useful in the future.  I know it!

And last but not least, HC#10... I know this one will really shock everyone.  It shouldn't because I am a human being...but it will.  Even my family will read this for the first time....sorry Mom...ha!

HC#10: I have been going to counseling.  (BIG SIGH OF RELIEF)  I don't know why it bothered me at first to admit it, but it did.  If I'm really honest, I think WE ALL NEED COUNSELING AT SOME POINT IN OUR LIVES...HAHA!  My mind has been a real battleground lately.  Matt and I have been married 10 years and for some reason I suddenly started to panic about being married FOREVER.  I started questioning everything we have worked so hard for...our marriage, our family, and basically just started questioning myself.  Talking with someone has been so helpful for me.  I think we (women especially) give so much and do so much for others that we lose a piece of ourselves in the process.  I started feeling like I didn't even know what I wanted anymore.  So I am discovering things about myself that I haven't discovered in a long time.  My first session, I literally just cried the whole time...what a mess...ha!  But now that I got some things out, I look forward to just going and talking to someone.  She probably wants to tell me to STOP TALKING sometimes, but she's a great listener (better than my 1st graders). :)

So there you have it people.  Great gossip material right?  I'm thinking some people got tired of reading at #4 and never even made it to #10!  I know a blog with no pictures is no fun so I'll put a few of my favorites up.

Mom's 1st time on Splash Mountain...BAHAHAHA!!!

Posing on Space Mountain with the kids' toys...priceless!

Living a dream...watching Rascal Flatts for the 1st time!

LOVE it when my friends have darling babies!  Sad I look more rough than the mother...but...this is my Sunday look. :)

Taught this precious girl in 6th grade and now she's taller than me.  Love you, R!

Don't post their pics on Facebook, but here is my life 5 days a week.  They wear me out, but I'm honored to be their teacher!

I just love this woman.  Plain and simple.

Keep in REAL.....


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