Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Holy Hoarders

This is my first...and certainly not my last...post to get rid o' some junk!  Ya'll...sometimes I think 2 things when I go downstairs into our unfinished basement...

#1: I have told several friends they can store their stuff down there temporarily and I've just forgotten.

#2: Someone actually lives down there and I keep forgetting to collect the rent.

It's Ridiculous.

Some of the things for sale on here, I don't even know where they came from.  Honestly.  I don't even know if some things actually belong to me, so if you see I'm selling YOUR stuff...let me know!

The best way to contact me if you want to purchase something is just to message me on Facebook.  I am not really keen on shipping things unless I REALLY love you.  I am coming to Charlotte in February though so if my NC friends see something they would like, I am happy to bring it with me!  First come, First serve people!  I'll update as things sell..if they do!  If not...I will haul it on down to the GW.

These are only a few items.  I'll be adding more after "Junk Be Gone" does its job at my home.

Super cute Mother of Pearl decor item.  I had it on top of my armoire' but I've seen it on mantles, side tables, etc.
Paid $50 (what???) Asking $20

Pirate Lamp.  Missing 3 small navy blue pegs on base, but as you can see you can't tell if you turn the lamp this way.  Genius!  $10

Bamboo plant stand with plant included (fake plant...you think I could keep a real one looking that good?) $15

Looks like an oil painting but it's not on canvas...it's hard like tile.  Sorry for the glare, but it's muted browns, greens, and the white plant.  $10

2 pictures that I have no clue where they came from.  I can measure them if you need me to.  Lots of greens and dark reds.  Frames are a very dark brown.  Pictures can easily be removed from the frames.  $20 for the set.

MY FAVE!  Super cute pirate canvas.  This is a painting stretched on a canvas.  I just bought this before Noah "grew out" of his pirate room. :(  $25

Ok..this is Matt's expertise, but it's a Sony surround sound system.  The DVD player is a 5 disc player..works perfectly.  Full set for $75.

Bright green side table.  Not sturdy...Target furniture quality..where I purchased it from.  Great for a kids playroom!  $10

Hobby Lobby shelf thing...Love this, but it just doesn't match our new room/furniture anymore. It's black with bronze metal scrolling on the side.  I used it in the kitchen as well before we redid our kitchen.  Side view below.  Paid $100...Asking $50.

Side View of Shelving unit above

I don't know...it's a vase thing.  No clue where this came from.  $5 (it's kind of made of reeds at the top and metal at the bottom)

4 kitchen chairs from World Market.  Dark brown, solid wood, fairly simple design.  I'm just trading them up for new white chairs.  Paid $75 a chair.  Asking $30 for each.  Would like to sell them as a set, but would consider selling individually or by 2's...

Silver 3 vase set.  $10 for the set.

Pretty Hobby Lobby Lamp.  Bronze base, black glass middle, shade glows a warm bronze color when on.  $15

Tall barstools from our first house...10 years ago!  Matt and I redid them for our first house so I know they can be redone again.  Right now they are rustic bronze painted and the fabric is bright green/red/yellow plaid.  Cushions come off and can easily be re-covered.  We have 3 of them.  They are high top chairs.  I can send you measurements if needed.  $30 for the set of three.