Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Monday, March 9, 2015

Because Everyone Loves a Package on Their Door.....

Hi Loyal Reader (s)!  My last post...forever ago...was liberating but let's be honest...it was kind of depressing!  Today I wanted to brighten our spirits with a fun post and something I'm really excited about!  Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  If so, I'd love to hear and see your thoughts on it!  If not, use my post to determine if this is something that would be a bright spot in your month as well!

I read about Stitch Fix a while ago on one of my favorite fashion blogs.  It looked interesting to me, but at the time I just didn't feel like researching it and getting into anything new.  Then....Snowpocalypse Knoxville happened and I was bored out of my mind one evening and decided to check it out.  I'm so glad I did!  Now if we are being honest here I will admit that I LOVE to shop.  Like....LOVE IT.  I love clothes, I love going into a store and just looking at everything and thinking of how I could wear it.  I even enjoy trying things on sometimes in the store.  Most of the time though, I prefer to try things on in the comfort of my home mainly so I can match them with the pieces I already have and add my own style to it.  Oh....and usually when I'm shopping I've just eaten a large, unhealthy  meal with a few cocktails so trying on clothes with that belly isn't as much fun. :)

The first thing you do on Stitch Fix is tell them all about you!  You look at some outfits they have put together and basically rate them from "I love it" to "I wouldn't be caught dead in that".  Make sure you are really honest so your stylist knows as much about you as possible.  I don't think I gave enough details for my first fix...we will touch on that in a minute.  Then you tell them some things about your body size and shape.  Remember to be honest!  On this part, I truly gave as many details as I could because I didn't want to get a box of clothes that didn't fit.  I would have loved to have told my stylist that I am 5 foot 7 inches and wear a size 2, but when my clothes arrive I will definitely be reminded that I am 5 foot 2 inches and a size 6/8.  Honesty is key!  I had to tell my stylist I have bigger hips, smaller boobs, and killer quads that sometimes make my pants tight in that area.  I wanted to tell her that I have the body of a gazelle, but I had to be honest and tell her that I am an athletically shaped girl who doesn't play sports anymore (sigh).  

The next thing you will see are some places to give your stylist some more details about things you like and dislike.  USE THIS!  I should have and I didn't and I am returning almost everything simply because I don't need it!  Use that space to tell her that you don't need a 3rd black dress or a 14th pair of black pants.  Use it to tell her that you won't spend $48 on a necklace or a bracelet.  That's the time to really tell her what you like and dislike and what you will keep and won't keep when it comes to spending.  Now...on to the good stuff!

Today I got home on this dreary Monday and saw a PACKAGE on my porch!  Who doesn't love a package??!!!  It was my stitch fix!  It was right on time as you schedule what day you want it to arrive.  I was so excited to see what my stylist had chosen for my fix.  So here are the pictures of my fix.  The good, the bad, and the ugly!  I'll let you know what I kept and didn't keep and why.  Most importantly, I'll let you know the cost of this new little addiction!

 The first item I pulled out was this maxi dress.  Upon first inspection I loved the colors and the feel of this dress.  It is super soft.  Also upon further inspection I noticed that this dress had STRIPES....ALL THE WAY DOWN.  Now, I can do stripes in lots of places, but this girl does NOT do stripes on her hips.  Remember when I told the stylist that I had bigger hips?  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't put clingy stripes on anyone but a stick figure.  So I call that a bad choice.
Stitchfix:0  Me:1

 The next item I pulled out was this beautifully textured black dress.  It's hard to see the texture and pattern in the picture, but it is really pretty.  It fit great...very flattering to my figure as I have a smaller waist that this dress pointed out.  Problem...it's black.  I have about 5 black dresses that I would consider "date night" dresses.  Had this dress come in a different color, I would have been all about it.  However, I consider this an Amanda error.  I never told my stylist that I own 5 black dresses.  It was her first time styling me and she went with the basic black.  Can't blame her.  Stitchfix:1  Me:1

 I was excited when I saw the detailed description of these pants.  High waist and cropped stretch pants.  First of all, I love a good high waist flat front pant.  After having all my abdomen muscles cut for birth, let's just say my lower stomach isn't the firmest so I love when pants go high enough to kind of hold that part just a little tighter.  I love a good crop pant.  It's so cute with booties in the winter and heels in the spring/summer.  Once again, the only problem is the color!  They do have a cute polka dot pattern, but they are still black and I own a gazillion pairs of black pants.  Once again, had these come in a  beautiful bright fuschia or deep blue, I would have been sold.  I also should have told my stylist that I don't need any more black pants.  Now I know.
Stitchfix: 2  Me:1

 As soon as I opened this necklace, I vomited in my mouth and immediately put it back in the box.  I am NOT a statement necklace girl.  I have a hippie vibe for sure, but this screams more tribal Native American to me and is just way too big for this girl.  I like my little necklaces and I like long necklaces.  Short necklaces like that make me feel like I'm wearing a turtleneck and just choking all day long.  Not to mention this little beauty was $38 which made me laugh out loud.  There is no way in God's creation I would pay $38 for a necklace unless it was a special occasion or just something I couldn't live without.  Now I know to tell my stylist to not send jewelry above $20 though.  Lesson Learned!
Stitchfix: 2  Me: 2

So you are probably wondering what the heck I kept!  Well, out of 5 items I only decided to keep 1 this time!  I don't think that's terrible for my first fix!  She doesn't know me from Adam and the more she gets to know me and the more vocal I become with her, the more she will style me to my liking.  I am really excited about the top I chose to keep though.  It is definitely something I would have walked right past in the store.  I never in a million, gazillion, trillion years would have tried this on.  Check out the pictures below and please excuse the lame selfies...it's all I got, ladies (and fashion forward gents)

This is a super soft drapey type shirt.  It's a gorgeous green color that I own nothing like which really excited me!  It has that extra fabric under the arms, which I always thought would make me look heavier, but the way it cinches in at the bottom is a good look for my body type...I think.  My first thought was that it would look good with yoga pants.  I would never actually work out in this top, but I would definitely wear it to the hockey rink on a Saturday morning or just for a casual day out running errands.  I love the v-neck of it as well.  It's perfect to show off my everyday "Noah" necklace that I never take off.
This is a closer shot of the color and fit of the shirt!
And I love that it looks great with jeans too for a night out!

So that was my first Stitch Fix experience!  It was so fun trying on new clothes in the comfort of my home with things that I already own.  This stitch fix will cost me $48.  I already paid a $20 fee for my stylist to "style me" and it applies to anything I buy from my box.  This shirt was $48 so I really got it for $28.  I don't think that's too terribly bad for a great quality piece that can be worn many different ways.  You may disagree and that is ok!  I am cheap when it comes to some things too and I'm not comfortable dropping hundreds of dollars on clothes, but I do love to buy things that make me feel beautiful.  This shirt kind of does that for me!

The most expensive item in my box was the cropped pants.  They were $98.  My jaw dropped too when I first saw it.  However, if you have a body type like mine, finding pants that fit can be a challenge.  I just may pay the piper that price if they sent me the perfect pair of pants that fit this difficult body.  It's all about preference and what you are comfortable spending.  Had I loved the pants, that may have been all I purchased!  I have to budget just like the rest of you,...(teacher salary) so picking and choosing what is important to me is what usually works for me!

I hope you enjoyed this first review!  I am probably going to schedule  a fix every 2 months or so.  I don't feel that is unreasonable.  If you want to know more about it, just let me know!  I'd love for you to try it!  

Because sometimes, we all just want to pull up and see a package on our porch.

Much Love,