Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas...

Over spring break, we were lucky enough to be able to visit the great state of Texas!  I was so excited to get to see some of my family and see Dallas!  These 2 were happy as clams on the plane.  Me?  I'm taking the picture with shaky hands. ;)  I survived.
 My Uncle Larry welcomed us at the airport with balloons and gummy worms! ;)  We headed back to the house to rest a little bit from our long day of driving and flying.
 Noah being loved on already with a new Shark book and Shark DVD!

 Hanzo, the dog, became our new buddy!
 After dinner that night, we did what my family does best.  We googled the nearest Krispy Kreme and hit it up!

The next day, we headed to the property where my aunt works to check out the longhorn, bulls, buffalo, and beef-alo (yes...a cow and a buffalo...yikes.)

 Wishing this was my backyard...I'm in heaven!

 N was talking to me about all the animals ;)

After that, we hit up some shopping and the boys went ice skating!  Noah couldn't wait to show Uncle Larry how well he can skate!

 Noah and Aunt T making silly faces on the carousel!
 We went to the ice arena to see where the Dallas hockey team plays and Noah walked away with this little Dallas Star cutie.  He named him "Stripes"...

Later that night, we headed to the Blue Goose Mexican Cantina!  My 2 favorite foods are BBQ and Mexian...I think I'd fit in there really well!

 My awesome cousins, Conner and Taylor, joined us for dinner.  Noah loved them as much as I do!

We headed back to the house for some video games!

The next day, we headed to Gatti Land.  Matt and I thought it would be like Mr. Gatti's with a few video games.  Boy, were we wrong!
 Loving on our buddy, Hanzo, before we leave.

 We played here in kiddie-heaven for 4 hours!  It didn't hurt that Uncle Larry gave Noah $40 worth of tokens!  Oh MY!
 Kiddie bowling lanes with little bowling balls..CUTE!
 Bumper Cars!
 Pirate Ship Ride!
 Competitive Air Hockey with Aunt T!

 Of course, my child wanted his WHOLE FACE painted.  Yay!

We headed back to the house for some swimming and grilling out!

 We were all worn out by the evening!
 Noah got a hold of one of Conner's masks!  This one STILL gets me!

The next day, we ended our trip in Texas with some good old fashioned motorcycle riding!  My uncle is just a rockin' Harley riding Texan and we loved getting a chance to ride!

 I sure do love my Uncle La-La! (what I called him when I was little)

If you all could say a prayer for my uncle as he has another surgery tomorrow morning in his battle against cancer.  We know that he is strong and God answers prayers, so we are hopeful.  If anyone can kick cancer's tail, my Uncle La-la can! :)

We love you Uncle Larry, Aunt T, Conner & Taylor and can't wait to visit again!  I definitely left a piece of my heart Deep in the Heart of Texas....

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