Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Thoughts On a Freezing Friday

So...I've talked about how I love my job.  Have I talked about how I love random snow days?  They help January pass by so much quicker!  Noah and I are enjoying a cold day at home so I thought I'd take a minute to post some random thoughts from this past week.

Noah took this picture after my 1st run of the year.  I. hate. running.  If it wasn't for the booty shakin' music I listen to while running, I'd probably never excercise.  Thank you, Beyonce'.

Although Lola looks as if she has run on the treadmill (or has died), this is not the case.  Typical day for her.

How my son eats this at Froyoz is beyond me. GAG.

I asked Noah why there were finger digs in my butter.  "Oh mom...I wanted a little snack."  DOUBLE GAG.

This is how I used to chop onions...

But say hello to my new Best Friend.  Pre-chopped onions...GLORIOUS.

I made a fancy-shmancy meal for Matt this week and I thought my kitchen looked so beautiful with this on the counter.  I wanted to remember this moment of pure insanity.

We also spent time this week torturing Lola by putting Chuck E. Cheese on her back and watching her give him a piggy-back ride.  She totally looks as if she's saying "Help Me" in this picture.  Sorry Sister.

And finally....Matt and I made the decision of where we will spend our 10 year anniversary.  Drum Roll.....

Some of you were probably totally disappointed because I can tell you I kind of felt the same way at first.  We really thought long and hard about this and it just seemed to be the best choice!

A.) We have worn out our welcome in the Caribbean.

B.) We have already been to Hawaii and would like to go again with our kids.

C.) We dont' want to be gone from Noah for longer than a week-10 days, so Europe was off limits.  We'll do that when our kids are a little bit older.

D.) Alaska seemed to be beautiful, but Matt and I like adventure and we were afraid we'd get bored.

E.) We've NEVER been out West and we figured why not see the beautiful places HERE in the U.S.??

So the plan is to rent a Jeep, and drive the coast of Northern Cali staying in different places each night.  I've already made him promise we can go horseback riding in Napa Valley and I will totally pretend I own it while I'm riding (the horse and the Valley).  I think it's a vacation that fits Matt and I perfectly.  I'm SO looking forward to the summer!

Have a great weekend everyone and remember...

Keep Walking....

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