Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm in L-O-V-E....

I have fond memories of Valentine's Day.

*In elementary school, it was the day I saw how many boys I had manipulated into buying me a stuffed animal.  I now feel sorry for those poor boys' mothers....and am sure I will get payback in about 9 years.

*In middle school, it was the day I worried about having to *kiss* my boyfriend because I had braces.  I totally believed our braces could get stuck together.  We usually ended up in some middle school mellow-dramatic fight, so there was no kissing going on. (take a breath, mom)

*In high school, it was the day my current husband spoiled me rotten.  One year, he surprised me with 365 roses for every day we had been together.  Another year, he spelled "Happy Valentine's Day" on my car with long stem roses.  And yet another year, he made a 5 course meal for me complete with a video he had made dedicated to me.  SAH-WEET!  He was such a romantic....back then. ;)

*Today's Valentine's Day consisted of the sugar highs and lows of 1st graders, a little mouth-to-mouth with my CPR dummy, Bryan, and re-heating some chilli we made a few nights ago.  What the heck has happened?  Oh yeah...LIFE...and I love it.

I thought I would end this post with just a few things over the past few days/weeks that I L-O-V-E....

I love this 1/2 of my girls night clan...Laura, Chelsey, and Hannah

I love that I don't have to dress up to hang with my girlfriends.

I love that my friend, Laura, has been trying to have a baby for a while and is now pregnant and enjoying dessert!  You go Momma!  I love you and the fetus. ;)

I love that even when I feel (and look) like crap...they always make me feel better somehow.  This was ear infection night for me..ha!

I'm beside myself with LOVE for the cutest french fry holder I've ever seen.  Yes...I poison my child from time to time with McDonalds Happy Meals.

I love that my nephew, Malachi ,is now a forever part of our family.

I love that someone bought Malachi 101 cookie cutters and he continually dumped them out on the kitchen table with me (and that my sister-in-law had to count them all as she put them back in).

I love my co-workers...but not their germs.   My Valentine's gift for them. :)

I love that my 1st graders truly make my heart burst every day.

I can't say much yet...but I love that a new addition has been added to our 1st grade team!  More info to come...but I love you already sweet baby girl!

I love that we made "snow" today...since we aren't getting any real snow.

I love that my Southern son picked this out for his Yankee dad...bahahaha!

And although I LOVE all the things my husband used to do...I L-O-V-E that I found this written for me this morning.  Hey...I work out. ;)

Keep Walking and Loving.....

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