Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Walking Through Life One Step at a Time

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For the Haters ;)

Listen.  I know this only applies to about 5% of the general population, but I just had to get it out there.  I ran across some pictures today while cleaning out my camera of NY pictures (that blog will come soon) and had to share them.

I know personally that when someone asks me what I do for a living, I am busting at the seams proud to tell them I am a teacher.  I think all careers are respectable and I commend everyone for doing a job you love or simply doing a job to provide for the needs of yourself or your family.  I am fortunate to have a job I believe I was made to do.

So...when you find yourself a little bitter (ahem) about teachers having the summer off, keep in mind all the work that goes on the other 10 months (yes...summer is now down to 2 months) of the year.  I am in no way patting solely myself on the back.  Teaching is a team effort between tons of different players.  However, these pictures sum up why I do what I do.  Why I dream of classroom organization at night, why I get excited about Dr. Seuss Day and why I am already excited to meet my new kiddos.  If it's a disease...I hope I never find the cure.

This first picture is from the first day of school...it is his version of writing a "story".

And yes..what you see is random letters strung together to make a "sentence".

Now...this is his letter to a future 1st grader at the end of the school year.  Ya'll...I'm not lying one bit when I tell you that I cried when I saw this.  We worked SO HARD all school year to develop this child and to see his progress and share it with others literally made me emotional...happy emotional.

I see periods, space between his words, and several words spelled exactly right!  Are you crying tears of joy yet???  Ha!

Well, just thought I would share my happiness upon rediscovering these pictures.  I am gearing up for a new school year (I go back August 2nd...kiddos come back August 10th) and ready to work hard another 10 months.  This may just be my motivation! ;)

I am also extremely thankful for these 2 women and the impact they had on my Noah this past school year.  He came a little into the year and they welcomed him in with open arms and loved him like I do.  We love you Yancey and Marsha! :)

*Noah wanted me to make sure everyone knew it was Pajama Day that day..ha!


Keep Walking, Friends.....

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